NDT Level III Consulting


In fact, many industry standards mandate Level III oversight in both the training of NDT methods and program development and oversight. AlphaNDT’s Level III Consulting Services are designed for companies that require the input of a Level III but prefer not to hire a full-time professional.

Each company is unique so services are customized to the specific requirements of your organization to make certain your NDT program operates in compliance with established standards and with optimized efficiency. AlphaNDT’s Level III Consulting services include the following:

  • Preparation of a Written Practice for the Qualification and Certification of NDT Personnel
  • Administration of an NDT Program
  • Training, Assessment Examinations, and Documentation of Time in Method and Verification of NDT Personnel
  • Preparation of NDT Test Procedures and Calibration Standards
  • Annual Audits with Reviews as Necessary
  • Codes and Standards Interpretation
  • Assistance for ASME Certification
  • Third Party Objectivity