As you know, the stable and long-term success of AlphaNDT depends on its processed resources in which Work Power is one of basic resources to decide the growth of the Organization.

The AlphaNDT’s HR policy is to employ staff with personal attitude and professional skills enabling them to contribute their performance to AlphaNDT long-term development.

Each new member joining AlphaNDT is to become a participant in developing a sustainable quality culture which implies a commitment to the Organisation and a sense for continuous improvement leaving no room for complacency.

Therefore, and in view of the importance of these AlphaNDT values, special attention will be paid to the matching between a candidate's values and the Organization culture.

Any person to be AlphaNDT’s member is obligated to learn and strictly follow Company’s Code of Conduct Activities shown below:



AlphaNDT Company employees are expected to carry out their work in accordance with the company policy and obey all instruction issued to them either by the Company Management Board. All employees are also expected to carry out their work in professional manner, respect the decision of the company and carry out the instruction issued to them by a senior staff. Any employees, who willfully disregard the instruction or rules set forth by the company, and also willfully not working to the approved work procedure, will be punished accordingly and in severe circumstances will results in instant dismissal from the Company.

AlphaNDT Company employees are living and working in so many different individuality, cultures. Therefore, this code is to provide briefly guidance in professional ethical for bussiness activities as follows:

       - Integrity

       - Safety

       - Quality

       - Confidentiality

       - Loyalty

       - Team-work



If any of the supervisor, technican, or another AlphaNDT employee who encourages another technician to get involved in the bad work practice, the Company will not hesitate to bring legal action on the guilty person.  Any employee who knows this code has been violated, should immediately report the event to the Company Management Board